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.: Welcome to the MBPOA Retiree Medical Benefit Trust Site

The Manhattan Beach Police Officers' Association Retiree Medical Benefit Trust was created in 1997 by the officers of the Manhattan Beach Police Department. The goal of the Trust is to help retired member officers with the significant financial burdons of medical, dental, and vision care expenses.


.: The Latest News

  • PERS Sets 2015 Healthcare Rates  - The Public Employees Retirement System has announced the 2015 rates for healthcare coverage, and, for the first time in years, there's a glimmer of hope. PERS says that about 1/3 of it's 1.4 million members will see a 3% decrease in rates. For many others, increases have been held to 3%. Open Enrollment Period begins September 15 and ends October 10, 2014.

    Click Here for a complete listing of PERS 2015 rates.
  • Trust Board Sets 2014 Benefit Level  - The MBPOA Retiree Medical Benefit & Trust Board of Directors has voted to increase the 100% vesting benefit level to $250.00/month for the 2014 calendar year. The decision was made after reviewing the Trust Fund's financial status and the predicted number of beneficiaries for the coming year, coupled with the fiduciary responsibiltiy to the Trusts long term viability.
  • National CCW Law Requires Annual Firearm Qualifications. -  In 2004, HR-218, The Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act, among other things, established the right, with limitations, of certain active and retired peace officers to carry firearms in all states. One of the requirements of the act, however, is that a retired officer "during the most recent 12-month period, has met, at the expense of the individual, the State's standards for training and qualification for active law enforcement officers to carry firearms." In other words, for HR-218 to apply, retired officers must qualify every 12-months, as opposed to every five years as required by MBPD Department Policy. So, if you'll be traveling outside California, and want to carry a firearm with you, you'll need to be sure you've qualified at the range within the past 12-months.
  • PORAC LDF Offers Firearms Coverage to Retirees! - PORAC's Legal Defense Fund is offering firearms coverage for PORAC Retired Associate Members. The plan provides members with legal representation for civil and criminal defense related to use of a firearm in self defense or the defense of others in response to an imminent threat of serious bodily harm. The plan also provides legal representation for any criminal matter relating to the possession of a concealed firearm that is not precluded under local law. To qualify for the coverage the participant must possess a current Concealed Weapons Permit issued by the agency from which they retired. The plan also offers representation at administrative appeals for retirees who are denied concealed weapons permits. The plan has specific exemptions, including use of a firearm during employment or in domestic violence situations. The cost to participate in the plan is $48.00 per year. Click Here for a copy of the PORAC Retiree LDF Plan, Frequently Asked Questions, and a Plan Application.
  • Government Service Reduces Social Security Benefits!  - In about 15 States, including California, government employees typically don't contribute to the Social Security System. Most government employees worked in the private sector prior to their government service. Many worked enough time to qualify for Social Security benefits. Few, however, know that their government pensions significantly reduce the Social Security benefits they and their spouses would otherwise qualify for. See the Members Area for details on these unfair portions of the Social Security Act.   

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