.: Management Of The Trust

The MBPOA Retiree Medical Benefit Trust is managed by a five member Board of Trustees. The Trustees are elected by the members of the Manhattan Beach Police Officers' Association and serve two year terms. At least one Board Member must be a retired officer. The Trustees actions are guided by the Trust Bylaws and Trust Document. The Board Members choose a Chairman, Treasurer, and Secretary from the five Trustees. The Board of Trustees is responsible for the management of the Trust. These responsibilities include decisions (with professional guidance) as to how to invest the Trust Fund, general Fund management, and determining an annual benefit. Trustees meet at least once a quarter.

.: Your 2014 Board of Directors

John Dye -             Chairman (Retired Member)
Ron Walker -          Treasurer  (Active Duty Member)
Joey Guzman -       Secretary  (Active Duty Member)
Hank Crossett -      Member at Large (Active Duty Member)
Bill Matson -           Member at Large (Retired Member)


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